Top Things to Consider When Looking for Office Spaces

 Starting a business in or around Mumbai is the smartest thing you can do. There are a lot of places you can choose from and a lot of different varieties of offices as well. You can go around neighborhoods like BKC, Marine Drive, Mahalakshmi, etc. But you’ll have to consider different factors that are going to decide whether your business will run smoothly. Most importantly, you’ll need to consider the price gap in all the places. Everyone can agree that residential flats for sale and office spaces are totally different. You can get flats in Byculla for 15-25 thousand. But if you’re looking for commercial spaces in the area, it’ll be expensive. If you’ve got the price and costing covered, consider the following things before you buy or rent an office space.

Consider Furnished Spaces:

Firstly, you need to see if the office you’re renting is furnished or not. It’s one thing to have everything come in with the office. It’s a whole new world of calculating costs and buying all the technical necessities along with setting it all up. One way to go about this is to get one of the shared spaces that don’t cost a lot. These places offer everything an office can need for everyone. You can have all the shared amenities including lunchrooms, facilities the internet, etc. The best thing about these shared spaces is that you have to pay per employee. To put it simply, you will have to pay for every seat you rent and not for the area.

This approach does not only take away the worries of setting everything from the ground up. But it’s easier to choose from all the options in a city like Mumbai as well. Some of the famous ones in the city are:

  •       Awfis
  •       Bombay Connect
  •       Garage
  •        share space
  •       Lumos
  •       Ministry of New
  •       Mumbai Coworking
  •       Our First Office
  •       RedBrick

Consider Locality:

You need to understand that your office needs to be at a prime location. This is because you want your employees to not have problems coming in on time. Furthermore, you need a place that’s easy for clientele to reach even if they have to come in from far away. Let’s just say you want them to be confident and comfortable about who they’re partnering with for their business. You don’t want to be in an urbanized location where you get through traffic in 3 hours every day. Similarly, you need a place where parking is sufficient and easy.

The ideal location for an office should be accessible by public and private transportation. Consider being near the main transportation stations in the city. You want your employees to feel like they’re in an important part of the city. Having malls, restaurants, and coffee shops around will definitely have a lot of positive effect on their productivity.

Consider Your Company’s Size:

It’s everyone’s dream to have a whole building dedicated to your business but you need to understand what’s necessary. You need to calculate the number of people you will have in the office. Next, you need to see the kind of space they require. You don’t want to cut out meeting rooms and common rooms. Similarly, you need adequate free space where employees can just sit, relax, and talk. Just like the fact that you can’t have your people finding it difficult to breathe. Likewise, you can’t have a huge space that has people running around just to discuss little details either. Try going with the rule that recommends almost 21 sq. meters to every employee.

Consider the time duration it will take for you to start hiring new employees and plan in advance. You need more space to accommodate more people. Hopefully, your business will grow and people will be lining up to join.

Technological Infrastructure:

Some of the most advanced and modern office spaces around the world are focusing on infrastructure. This means that there should be smart technology in the office that inspires and uplifts employee morale. Technological gadgets and embedded digital enhancements provide not just security but efficiency as well. From little things like socket boards fixed with tables to smart rooms with projectors can increase productivity. Employees feel motivated to try their skills and talents out by challenging themselves to be more efficient.

You should consider the type of business you are opening. This will be crucial in trying to determine everything we discussed above. Your business decides what location, amenities, technology will be the best for you. 

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